Floor Mats 500/CS


Paper floor mats 500/cs with a vinyl coated backing. 2 footprints on the front side very sturdy and will not easily tear like other paper mats. Disposable, white paper floor mat that resists water, oil, grease, most shop chemicals, and dirt. Each mat is imprinted with the message "Thanks For Coming In, It Has Been a Pleasure to Serve You" in black lettering. Our disposable paper car floor mats are an easy way to protect your customers' vehicles during detailing or service.

  • Ultimate Protection for Vehicle Carpeting During Detailing and Repair Work
  • Strong, Absorbent, and Non-Slip
  • Each Floor Mat Measures 17 Inches by 20 Inches
  • Includes One Case of 500 Disposable Paper Floor Mats
  • Universal Fit

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