PRIVATE LABEL Cherry Wash n Wax

CHERRY FRAGRANCE. Red Color. Gently lifts away dirt, promotes water beading and delivers mirror-like shine to your vehicle. Use this car wash and wax any time your car is dirty to reveal the paint's deep, radiant color and shine. Safe for all vehicle surfaces, this car wash soap with automotive wax is the perfect addition to your car cleaning supplies, whether you're washing your motorcycle, classic car or daily ride.
  • A high quality, foaming car wash soap of a harmonious blend of detergents.
  • Deposits a wax-like mono-molecular film to give a sparkling glaze that is water-repellent and resists dust. This product slows the rusting process and is non-streaking. 
  • Water soluble and will not clog dispensing equipment.
  • Efficient: Saves a lot of time as it is easy to rinse off and is long lasting.
  • 5 gallons

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