ISI Eco-Blast Cleaner


Eco Blast is a strong, non toxic, eco friendly, biodegradable, environmentally safe all purpose cleaner and degreaser.  Meets U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards, NSF Approved

  • Intended to be used as an all purpose cleaner and degreaser in and around food processing plants and also where handling and storage occurs. 
  • It is NOT intended to be used on the food itself. When using this product in a food processing facility, it is required to be followed by a potable water rinse every time.
  • Can be used for heavy duty cleaning or light general cleaning depending on your preferred dilution. For medium duty degreasing and cleaning, use a 1:4 dilution ratio (1 part product to 4 parts water)
  • Light natural smell, most say it has none
  • Can be used for home cleaning, brick/masonry, spot removing, carpet, descaling, granite/stone, kitchen countertops, marine and RV's, ovens/grills, toilet bowls, tub/tile, upholstery, windows, wood, and more.
  • Watch Eco-Blast working through tough grime here
  • No Butyl, No Phosphates, Non Acid, Non Caustic, Non VOC, No Chlorinated Solvents, Non Flammable, Environmentally Safer

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