Hang Tags Cotton Blossom Scent 12 Tags/Box

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100X More Fragrance Than Typical Air Fresheners, Keeping Any Area Smelling Cleaner, Longer. Hang It From A Variety Of Objects Like Stall Door Stop, Toilet Handle, Etc. For Greater Placement Options, Use The Suction Cups. Also Works Well In Standard Fan Cabinets. No Ozone Depleting Ingredients, 1/10 The Voc''S Of Most Aerosols And Available In All 50 States. Easy To Recycle: One Material Versus Many, No Cleaning Or Separating Needed And No Harmful Chemicals To Dispose Of. As Compared To Most Gel Or Metered Aerosol Air Fresheners, Eco-Fresh Hang Tags Are Manufactured With Over 50 Less Energy Than Typical Plastic Steel Containers.

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