Fresh Products Eco Clip Air Fresheners 10/Pack

  • Includes 10 Clips Per Pack
  • Mango clip is RED colored, Cucumber Melon clip is GREEN, Cotton Blossom clip is CLEAR 
  • Can be used as a Toilet Freshener, Trash Freshener, and More.
  • Chemical-Free, Natural Oils
  • Discreet design
  • High Performance: The Eco Clip contains 30 times more fragrance than the standard rim-stick and releases a consistent fragrance load over 30 days.
  • Versatile Design: Use the Eco Clip wherever you need freshening. Simply place the clip, logo side out, on the toilet rim, trash can, cabinets, and so much more.
  • Discreet and Secure: Thanks to its small design the Eco Clip is discrete in style but secure in function. Eco Clip's can even be clipped on to the side of the toilet tank or plumbing lines.
  • Powerful Fragrance: The Eco clip is designed to attack odors at the source without all the harmful chemicals being added to the water supply or air you breathe. They are created with natural oils.
  • Technical Specifications: 3.94"L x 2.55"W x 1.79"H. Weight: 53 grams per. Made In USA.

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